MASTERY 2017!!!
Hilton Long Beach
701 W Ocean Blvd.,
Long Beach, CA 90831
Jan. 28th-29th
Hours: 8am-4pm
What Will You Learn In The Business Building and Planning Mastery of 2017?
Are you working countless hours and feeling like you have a never-ending To do list?
Learn how to delegate, leverage and execute.

Do you feel like you have a sales job and not a real estate business?
Learn how to build a business you can actually benefit from and not be a slave to.

Are you wondering why your marketing isn’t gaining traction or market share?
Learn what it takes to really stand out in today's noisy environment.

Do you want to fix and flip but don’t know how or where to get started?
Learn where to get money and how to make money in the fix and flip space.

Are you tired of not having consistency in service? I bet your clients are.
Learn how to create processes and procedures that provide results and satisfaction.

Are you tired of feeling like prospecting is just a waste of time?
Learn how to get more out of the efforts you're already putting out.

The bottom line is after this two-day intense training you will come out no longer being a sales person, but instead, you will be a business owner and entrepreneur.
Space is limited to 75 people and when we meet capacity we will take our registration form down. It costs nothing but will make you everything. Remember sometimes it isn’t what you aren’t doing that is preventing you from reaching that next level sometimes it's what you are doing that's causing your stall.

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